You can hire any of the rooms seen on here by the hour, day or overnight (see our price range below). For sessions, filming, photo shoots and parties. We have given you an example of what furniture you can expect in the room you choose, but if there is a particular piece of furniture you want in the room, ask on booking and we will make sure it is in place for you. Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate is available free of charge before and after your booking. We also have showering facilities.
Exodus refreshes its rooms regularly.  As the furniture is made on the premises, new and different pieces appear often, so you will not get bored. New rooms or different use of the rooms also happens, so you always have something new to explore.
Exodus is very close to Birmingham City Center, with its own private walled car parks. There is a good inexpensive hotel close by, large supermarket and a NEW shopping complex opening very shortly all within a few minutes’ walk.
Booking is easy, call our office or mobile lines and we can discuss your requirements.
Office: 0121 7535853  Mobile: 07531 526325


To view the details of a particular room simply select it below:

Room: Dungeon 1

A large well equipped play space with Suspension rig, Saint Andrews cross, A frame, Multi bench, Torture chair, Electric massage bed, Judicial Bench and spanking horse, also no dungeon would be complete without a Throne..

Example Equipment:

  • Suspension Rig
  • St. Andrews Cross
  • A Frame
  • Torture Chair
  • Electric Massage Bed
  • Judicial Bench
  • Spanking Horse
  • Throne

Room: Dungeon 2

A little smaller than dungeon 1, but still a large very well equipped chamber. Our rack bed is normally in here, as is a St Andrews cross, judicial bench and spanking Horse, and kneeling-canning bench. The industrial beams that run throughout Exodus are in this dungeon, and has a suspension system.

Example Equipment:

  • St. Andrews Cross
  • Rack Bed
  • Judicial Bench
  • Spanking Horse
  • Caning Bench
  • Spanking Horse
  • Throne

Room: Time Share Dungeon

A small play space that houses our multi bench, kneeling canning bench, A frame and again the industrial beams, ideal for rope work and will be fitted with its own suspension system

Example Equipment:

  • Multi Bench
  • Kneeling Caning Bench
  • A frame
  • Suspension System
  • Industrial Beams

Please Note: This room is only available to Time Share customers


Room: Medical Room

Authentic and has the feel of a REAL medical room, with hospital bed, and examination chair, there is a well-equipped crash trolley, and lots of medical equipment.

This room adjoins Dungeon 1 and is ideal as part of a combined rental with Dungeon 1.

Example Equipment:

  • Hospital Bed
  • Examination Chair
  • Crash Trolley
  • Lots of Medical Toys

Room: The Judicial Cell Block

This is a new project for Exodus and not for the faint hearted. The cell is escape proof, the guards are mean, and the punishment bench await you.

Example Equipment:

  • Lockable Cell
  • Guard Room
  • Punishment Bench

Room: The Cellar

This place is cold, it is damp, it is dark and no one can here you scream. Do you dare go down those concrete steps?

Example Equipment:

  • Lockable Cell Door
  • Metal Table
  • Lots of Chain Points

Room: The Transformation Room

A quiet place for you to change into anything you like. Male to female, female to male or a good clean place for you to change if you hire Exodus for a party.

Example Equipment:

  • Dressing Table
  • Futon
  • Wardrobe

Room: The Lounge

Large and comfortable. Ideal for coffee after a session, or maybe that bottle of wine you have brought with you. Relaxing and well equipped with fridge and wine cooler, the ideal place to unwind. It can also be hired for a domestic scenario.

Example Equipment:

  • Sofas & Armchairs
  • Coffee Tables
  • Fridge
  • Television & DVD player
  • Tea & Coffee Making Facilities

Room: The Super Rig Room

The Super Rig room is ideal for anyone into suspension and features our large suspension rig with no fewer than 8 electric hoists. The room also features the Bed of Doom which can be used in conjunction with the hoists for even more possibilities.

Example Equipment:

  • Large suspension rig with 8 hoists
  • Bed of Doom

Dungeon Hire, for day hire, per room:

1 Hour 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours 5 hours 6 hours 8 hours
from £35 from £70 from £90 from £120 from £150 from £180 from £200

Please contact us for overnight stays, evening hire and hire for events. 

Hires available from 7am to 10pm (Out of hours available call for information) 07531 526325

If you answered yes to any of the above then why not inquire about our exclusive Time Share facility. This is an opportunity to get access to any of our dungeons / play spaces once a month for 2 hours for just £50 a month.

Contact us for more information and our terms and conditions.

We can accommodate filming, photography and other uses.

In addition to the pre-equipped rental rooms we have 3 very large rooms that can be adapted for used for many purposes. See the pictures below.

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